Summer vehicles: the demand for “sandboxes” or Buggys grew 127% in the region

A study carried out by Mercado Libre in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil reported an increase in demand and purchase intention for these beach vehicles. In turn, there was a 20% increase in their offer.

The summer season is coming and from MercadoLibre they made a regional report to analyzethe trendsof this season's classic“summer vehicles”.

According to data from the platform, the growth of“sandbox”vehicles stands out.Better known asBuggys, they registered the highest growth in the region, both indemand and purchase intention, which doubled compared to the same period in 2019.

If analyzed by country, in the case of Argentina the offer grew by 40% and thepurchaseintention by130%.On the other side of the pond, Uruguay registered the largest increase in supplywith 70% and a lower increase in purchase intention compared to neighboring countries.And, in the case of Brazil, its offer remained stable but the purchase intention was doubled.

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Sandboxes vs ATVs

While ATVs always stood out as the star vehicles of the season,this year demand decreased and presented a slight decline in purchase intent compared to 2019.

In opposition, the sandboxes are starting to generate more interest throughout the region.Onlyin the last month, there were almost 60% more visits to publications compared the same month last year.

These all-terrain vehicles, each year are more seen touring the Argentine beaches.Despite the fact that their price is not economical, since they start at $ 10,000, this growth trend could stand out due to itsability to transport the whole familyand, in turn, thegreater security offered by its roll-over protection.

Currently, in Mercado Libre Argentina, there are almost 500 models of Sandboxes available, 20% being 0km models and the remaining 80% Used.

Mercado Libre produced its quarterly report that analyzes the behavior of the automotive market in Argentina.According to the results obtained, a growth in searches and purchase intention is observed, with work vehicles such asPick-Ups and 0KM Vans maintaining their demand despite the social context of isolation.

If we analyze theLatin Americanmarket, the situation was similar throughout the region:there is a drop in the second quarter and then a recovery.The only country that did not follow this pattern is Uruguay, less affected by the COVID situation than the rest of the countries.

What are Argentines looking for?

In the third quarter of the year there was a recovery in demand, with an increase of 27% compared to the previous quarter.If we concentrate only onthe 0Km models, they had anincrease of 38%compared to the same period of the previous year.

At the same timethere is a growth in the demand forwork cars(Pick-Ups and Vans),being the only models that were not affectedby the current situation.The Hatchback,SUVand Sedanmodelswere the most demanded in the third quarter, with Toyota Hilux being the star of the year, leading the ranking of the most demanded.The podium is completed by Ford and Volkswagen, which shared the top 3 with the Gol, F100 and Ranger.

If we talk about brands, Volkswagen is the most sought after brand so far this year.It is followed by Ford and Peugeot in third place, despite having almost no presence in the top 10 most sought after models.

September 2020: ranking of the most wanted 0Km models

  1. Peugeot 208

  2. Volkswagen amarok

  3. Toyota hilux

The market recovery is also observed in the purchase intention, which had a recovery of 12% compared to the second quarter of the year.The vehicles most consulted are used cars but, in relation to the same period of the previous year, there is an 80% increase in inquiries to new vehicles.

Ranking of 0km models with the highest purchase intention

  1. Volkswagen amarok

  2. Chevrolet s10

  3. Jeep compass

What the market offers

Supply is a variable that recovers in the third quarter of the year, since publications increased in relation to the previous months.However, if we compare with the third quarter of 2019, a 10% drop is detected.

In 0km, the offer of Hatchback and Pick-Ups predominates and, in the last quarter, there was a strong growth of Minivans and Picks Ups.In the used market, with 35% of the market, the Hatchback models lead the ranking.In turn, a sedan and SUV recovery is seen.

"Mercado Libre continues to position itself as a benchmark in the automotive market and after a year that began in decline as a result of the context,during the third quarter it shows clear growth",commented Juan Manual Carretero, Commercial Manager of Real Estate, Vehicles and Market Services Free."The current situation also invites new consumer behaviors, prioritizing the vehicle to move."

Where is the market going

According to the survey conducted by Mercado Libre, 46% of Argentines believe that they are going to modify their ways of moving after quarantine, prioritizing the private car as their main option.

In turn, 71% of users think that it is a good time to buy a vehicle and would do so if they have the possibility. In line with this, 45% admit that they will change their car after the quarantine.However, 45% prefer to do it through an individual.

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